Soda Dungeon

Soda Dungeon 1.0.08

Unique and innovative twist on the classic role playing game

If you enjoy old school RPGs and adventure epics, you'll absolutely love Soda Dungeon. This colourful adventure title from Armor Games offers a unique and innovative twist on the classic role playing game.

Here, players must take control of a local tavern master, building up a team of hardy adventurers and heroes to raid the local dungeon for treasure. Once you've successfully completed missions and walked away with the loot, your free to spend your treasure on upgrades to your tavern and purchase new sodas for sale, as well as scout for new party members to join you and your team on future raids.

This new and improved version of Soda Dungeon offers improved performance and game features over previous releases. Players can now play with total peace of mind, with handy auto-saving after every successful raid and treasure loot.

For those who don't enjoy spending time on turn based battles, the new auto-play function is a great time-saver and lets you focus on other adjustments to improve your chances of succeeding. If you've achieved a particularly legendary high score or accolade, you can now send your scores to the game server, showing yourself off to thousands of active players across the world.

There's heaps of treasures to uncover in Soda Dungeon, with the rarest finds resulting in huge boosts to your in-game spending. Take the biggest risks to walk away with the most lucrative loot, letting you expand and promote your tavern to bring even more heroes to your cause. You'll face some seriously scary bosses on your travels through the dungeons, so make sure you've got a guild who can face off any threat

This adventure game is rated PEGI 3, making it suitable for even the youngest players. Offering endless hours of entertainment, this RPG with a twist allows players to return over and over again, each time with something new to discover, or a new line-up of heroes to mount and prep for battle.

If you're doing particularly well, why not share your scores and accolades online and get friends in on the act. Free to download, you can invest in top-ups and upgrades with in-app purchases.

Soda Dungeon


Soda Dungeon 1.0.08

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